Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So want to know what we did for the big 3 years???

Well after all of the planning, babysitting, and getting to the location, well after all of that we had a great time. That is until...Well just take a look at the pictures! it tells the story! The pictures are in the wrong order...start at the end and work your way back!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What to do..what to do???

So our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I told my husband "we are not spending any money on gifts." So now what do I do? Tight budget and 2 kids! Any ideas?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jackson & Jacoby

Hi All! Well if we are friends on facebook you know a lot of these things, but I am sooooo proud of my boys that I have to share all about them. Jackson has started sleeping in his "big boy bed" now. It has been 3 nights so far and he is doing great. He goes to sleep about 7:30 and has been sleeping all night. What a big boy. I cant stand it, what happened to my little baby? I look at Jacoby and cant believe that not so long ago Jackson was that little. Jackson is also using the potty now! Say what you want about Jon & Kate, but she did give me a good idea with potty training. An M&M after you go potty! It works! And the best part is Jackson forgets he is going to get it so when he goes he is very excited (cuz his potty sings to him) then I pull put the M&M and watch his face light up!

As for Jacoby, well he was 2 months yesterday and I cant believe how much he is already changing. He doesn't get this whole sleeping thru the night or even the hour thing yet,but he will get it and then maybe mommy and daddy wont be so grumpy in the morning. Jackson and Jacoby are already best friends. Jackson wants to hold him and kiss him, I love to watch them together. Jacoby already looks up to Jackson.

Jacoby is gaining weight and growing right on track. He is 11.3 lbs and 23 inches. When he was born he kept loosing weight, but we got him on the right track and his doc was perfectly happy with where he was!

Well I guess thats all for now, I am sure I will find other things to blog about! :) Thanks Danielle and Savannah for the intro into the world of blogging!!!